Faculty Development Programme

Faculty Development Programme

The Faculty Development Programme at MEASI Institute of Management gives participants with the chance to refocus, to immerse themselves within the latest brooding about best follow in management, and supply them with personal and skilled tools to strengthen their effectiveness as a lecturer and researchers. It’s particularly suited to management educators seeking to strengthen their understanding of core general management yet as gain exposure to advanced topics, learn and experiment with effective education techniques, and gain familiarity with essential aspects of winding up analysis studies. The FDP can modify the participants to effectively use numerous education tools in their various lecture rooms, and develop their own cases and different teaching/research materials.


FDP offers opportunities to accumulate in-depth data yet as hone data dissemination skills. The faculties member participate wholeheartedly in these Faculty Development Programme and share the educational with their students to form them aware about the requirements of the industry from work professionals, importance of life skills and leadership qualities for leading a successful career in their respective fields.


The Faculty Development Programme intends to facilitate up-gradation of knowledge, skills and intends to provide opportunities for training to faculties employed in various disciplines:


  1. A FDP cover areas such as new concepts, methods and techniques, theory and skills development and upgradation of pedagogy educational technology, motivation, communication skills, management and other relevant issues.
  2. To keep pace with the changing scenario make them aware about modern teaching tools and methodologies.
  3. To acquire knowledge about current technological developments motivates the faculty to achieve competitive teaching and learning environment.