The case method is an engaging pedagogy that involves the students actively in the learning process. They get an opportunity to play the roles of decision makers, analysts, consultants and competitors of several corporations without leaving the confines of their class rooms. The real-life experiences that these cases represent effectively bring the ‘field’ into the classroom. Though the method was developed by the Harvard Law and Business Schools in the early twentieth century, MIM is encourages in adapting the method to the Indian context.

A case study is a research approach that is used to generate an in-depth, multi-faceted understanding of a complex issue in its real-life business context. MIM keep encourage all means of making the subject more understandable. All subjects are imparted with real case studies for the better understanding of the subjects and its practical applicability. Case study method help students to find new avenues for an existing problem, application of scientific theories into practice etc.

First Semester

S. No. Course Code Course Name
1. PMF1A Management Principles and Business Ethics
2. PMF1B Quantitative and Research Methods in Business
3. PMF1C Organizational Behaviour
4. PMF1D Accounting for Managers
5. PMF1E Managerial Economics
6. PMFEA Innovation and Entrepreneurship
7. PSSEA Soft Skills I – Language and Communication Skills – Advanced Level
Second Semester

S. No. Course Code Course Name
1. PMF2G Legal Systems in Business
2. PMF2H Applied Operations Research
3. PMF2J Human Resources Management
4. PMF2K Marketing Management
5. PMF2L Operations Management
6. PMF2M Financial Management
7. PMFEB International Business
8. PSSEB Soft Skills II – Spoken and Presentation Skills – Advanced Level
Third Semester

S. No. Course Code Course Name
1. PMF3R Strategic Management
2. PMF3S Management Information Systems
7. PSSEC Soft Skills III – Managerial Skills – Level
Fourth Semester

S. No. Course Code Course Name
1. PSSED Soft Skills IV – Computing Skills Advanced

S. No. Course Code Course Name
1. PMF02 Corporate Finance
2. PMF05 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
3. PMF06 Tax Management
4. PMF14 Merchant Banking and Financial Services

S. No. Course Code Course Name
1. PMF07 Brand Management
2. PMF10 Services Marketing
3. PMF16 Customer Relation Management
4. PMF19 Retail Marketing

S. No. Course Code Course Name
1. PMF15 Human Resources Development
2. PMF17 Performance Management
3. PMF18 Organizational Development
4. PMF23 Industrial and Labor Relations

S. No. Course Code Course Name
1. PMF25 Supply Chain Management
2. PMF27 Principles and Practice of Logistics Management
3. PMF28 Inventory & Warehousing Management
4. PMF29 Domestic and International Logistics