Video resources prepared by the faculty
S.NO Name of the faculty Course name Topic Video link
1 Dr. T A M Hameed Kan Applied Operations Research [PMF2H] View
Financial Management [PMF2M]
2 Vinoth S Quantitative and Research Methods in Business(PMF1B) Data types, Hypothesis Testing, Introduction to Parametric and Non-Parametric test View
3 Appu A Applied Operations Research(PMF2H) Linear Programming Problem View
4 Dr S G Balaji Legal Systems in Business(PMF2G) The Indian Contract Act 1872. View
5 Shabeena Shah W Operations Management(PMF2L) Statistical Quality Control View
6 Charumathi D Tax Management(PMF06) Allowances View
7 Nishath Sultana A Marketing Management(PMF2K) Introduction to Marketing View