A forward-looking pedagogy


There is a distinctive line that exists between academics and the industry. While colleges teach students the principles of management as theory, in a controlled classroom environment, the industry expects every graduate to be ready for the real world and skilled in problem-solving, communication and all the essential tools. Hence the biggest challenge facing college graduates today is the lack of prerequisite skills expected by companies.


MEASI Institute of Management has set out to blur this line with revolutionary teaching methods so that our students can transition seamlessly from academia to the industry.


Tall claims like revolutionizing education usually end up just being blackboards replaced by smart-boards but at MEASI the learning is experiential, immersive and truly unique.


Participatory Learning & Practical Application :

Students spend half the day in class and half in a work environment, giving them the experience and exposure in the various departments of an organization and developing abilities like decision-making, teamwork and leadership. This also allows them to understand theory in the context of their own work experience, instead of just accepting the examples given in a book.

Research & Intelligence:

With data overtaking oil as the most valuable commodity in the world, the capacity to assimilate and analyze information through research is naturally a crucial skill. Through activities like competitor research and other data enrichment projects, students learn the required scientific methodologies while also building on communication, time management and analytical thinking.

Industry Connect & Collaboration:

MEASI brings real-life work wisdom directly to the students, creating an interface that allows them to communicate and learn from the business world through internships, CXO talks, sit-downs with business leaders and active participation in actual consultancy projects. This solves deficiencies of the existing educational system by focusing on critical thinking and real-time industry knowledge, enabling easier job placements and invaluable networking opportunities.

Mentorship & Guidance:

Despite the new approach to education, it is important to take into account the challenges that each student will face based on their personal past and present realities.Mentors are crucial for the development of students because they allow them to see the hope inside themselves and instill confidence. The Mentorship and Guidance program gives individual focus to every student through assigned mentors and personalized attention. The Mentors assist specifically with career planning, personal development and readiness based on a well-designed mentoring concept.

Expertise & Power skills:

To become a successful entrepreneur or a corporate professional, Expertise and Power Skills are essential. Creativity, Adaptability and Resilience are the foundation that bonds every other skill acquired along the way. To build this foundation, the students are taken through a series of interventions including exercises, hands-on workshops and exclusive training by Corporate Experts.

We believe management education is more than just an MBA degree. MEASI’s educational experience is focused not just on the consumption of knowledge but the application of it as well.