Programme Overview


MEASI Institute of management is the first standalone Management Institute under the University of Madras to obtain the R&D Centre, to carry out PhD programmes, full time as well as part time.

The Ph.D programme is offered in disciplines like Marketing, Finance and Human resource management.


  • To demonstrate the competence to carry out independent and original academic research.
  • To prepare students for career opportunities in Management research and teaching, and other areas requiring research and analytical skills.
  • To present and match research results which are equivalent to that of a peer-reviewed academic publication.
  • To improve the theory and practice of Business and Management, and to develop new management concepts.

Research Guides

  • Dr.S.G.Balaji
  • Dr.B.LathaLavanya

Ph.D Seats Vacancy Status

S.No Research Guides Total No of Ph.D. Vacancies Filled In process Vacancy Seats
1. Dr S. G. Balaji 04 02 Nil 02 Full time Ph.D. only
2. Dr. B. Latha Lavanya 04 03 1 Nil