Events and Initiatives

Harvard Learning

MEASI Institute of Management has integrated Case studies, Simulations, and the Harvard ManageMentor® courses into the curriculum. This would enhance the academic rigor of our programs and also provide students with real-world insights and practical skills essential for success in today’s dynamic business environment.

Highlights of the collaboration

  • Case Studies: Access to a diverse range of case studies developed by Harvard Business Publishing Education, allowing students to analyze real-life business scenarios and develop critical thinking and decision-making skills.
  • Simulations: Through simulation tools, students engage in immersive learning experiences that simulate complex business challenges, enabling them to apply theoretical knowledge in a dynamic and risk-free environment.
  • Harvard ManageMentor®: Interactive courses that transform students into career-ready professionals. It offers a wealth of resources, including multimedia content, interactive exercises, and expert insights, designed to develop leadership capabilities and enhance managerial effectiveness.
  • Online Courses: Covering topics such as finance, quantitative methods, management communication, and more, these courses lay a solid foundation for quality education. Our students benefit from flexible schedules and interactive learning materials, allowing for personalized learning experiences and the acquisition of valuable skills and knowledge applicable to various career paths.

Benefits for Students

Exposure to world-class educational resources from Harvard Business Publishing Education.

Opportunity to learn from real-world case studies and simulations.

Development of critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

Access to a comprehensive library of management resources through the Harvard ManageMentor® Program.

Enhanced employability and readiness for the global marketplace.

This exemplifies our commitment to providing a transformative learning experience that prepares our students to excel in their chosen fields. We believe that the integration of renowned learning materials from Harvard Business Publishing Education will empower our students to face the challenges of the business world with more confidence.

Value Added Course

  • MEASI Institute of Management offers a wide range of value-added courses to students to enhance their skills and prepare them for the industry. These include courses on SPSS, MS Excel, soft skills training etc.,
  • SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a widely used data analysis software that helps students gain proficiency in statistical techniques and data interpretation. This skill is invaluable for business decision-making and research.
  • The MS Excel course equips students with advanced spreadsheet skills, enabling them to handle complex data analysis, financial modelling, and data visualization. This is a crucial tool for various business functions, from finance to marketing.
  • The soft skills training program focuses on developing interpersonal, communication, problem-solving, and leadership abilities. These skills are highly sought after by employers and are essential for success in the corporate world. The importance and significance of these value-added courses cannot be overstated. They enable MEASI Institute of Management’s MBA students to gain a comprehensive set of skills that go beyond the traditional academic curriculum

IDEA Masterclass

In the contemporary and fiercely competitive landscape of the business world, the acquisition of theoretical knowledge alone is no longer seen as adequate for students to flourish in their professional trajectories. It is imperative for individuals to acquire familiarity with industry best practices, new trends, and the pragmatic obstacles encountered by professionals across many disciplines. 

One of the cornerstones of our approach is the IDEA Masterclass, the integration of expert engagement from industries and specific areas, tailored to the specialization chosen by our students. Due to its indispensability and integrative nature, the facilitation rendered by experienced professionals significantly enriches our aspiring professionals’ educational experience. Furthermore, it enhances their critical thinking and expands their perspectives. These interactions nurture a culture of lifelong learning in the minds of our students, encouraging them to stay curious, explore new learnings and continue their journey to seek knowledge.

This method is designed to provide specialised training to our students in their opted area of specialisation in accordance to the subjects relevant to their curriculum. The subject matter experts, who possess extensive knowledge and skill in their respective domains or sectors, are often individuals at the leadership level. These experts represent the organisation and are tasked with the responsibility of formulating and implementing the company’s strategies. Hence, the wealth of knowledge and the insights given by them to our students are invaluable.

These Masterclasses are intended to:

  • bring in extensive industry knowledge and insights into the classroom, helping our students understand the real-world applications of their academic studies,

The Horse's Mouth

In the contemporary and fiercely competitive landscape of the business world, the acquisition of theoretical knowledge alone is no longer seen as adequate for students to flourish in their professional trajectories. It is imperative for individuals to acquire familiarity with industry best practices, new trends, and the pragmatic obstacles encountered by professionals across various disciplines.

Choosing one’s career path is the most tormenting dilemma that every graduate or aspiring professional faces. One needs to get adequate information, insights, and above all, the right kind of guidance and counselling before he or she can make a well-thought and confident decision.

The primary objective of the Horse’s Mouth series is to provide students with practical knowledge and invaluable insights in the fields of Human Resources Management, Finance, Logistics, Marketing, Business Analytics, and Entrepreneurship directly from a veteran of a particular domain or sector. By bringing Industry Practitioners into the educational ecosystem, we aim to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world application, thereby preparing students to choose the right domain or sector, in which they would like to pursue their career.

This initiative is intended to not only enhance their academic experience but also to ensure that they are well-prepared to make meaningful contributions to their respective industries upon graduation.

In this series of interventions, the veteran Industry Practitioner shares with the students a very wide and comprehensive range of information and personal experiences pertaining to his/her specific domain or sector. The purpose is to bring to the students all the relevant input and insights they need to make a well- informed decision while choosing a specialisation or career path that is most suited to their personality, temperament and passion.

The intended outcomes of these sessions are:

  • Practical insights and real-world examples, helping them understand the nuances of the domain/sector.
  • Guidance on career paths, skills development, and the competencies required to excel in their chosen field.
  • Exposure to the latest trends, technologies, and innovations shaping their respective industries.
  • Insights into potential career or entrepreneurial opportunities in the domain, both at present as well as in the future.

Create the spark

To drive and instill the habit of reading amongst the management graduates and to understand the entrepreneurial mindset of global icons who have made an exceptional impact globally with their holistic management of the business, people and above making a significant contribution to the growth of people and driving the nation’s economy, MIM organizes an annual biography reading event. 

Objective: The core objectives of this event are :

To drive a very strong leadership attribute of reading amongst students.

Creating a healthy working camaraderie amongst diverse students coming from different backgrounds

Understanding the nuances of becoming an entrepreneur

Developing a research-oriented approach by researching the biographies, articles, and various blogs.

Overcome presentation glitches and stage fear & present using innovative ways to create a positive impact amongst the audience.

Corporate in Campus

  • MEASI Institute of Management is a venue where academia meets industry in a unique symbiotic ecosystem known as Corporate-in-Campus. This groundbreaking initiative at MIM redefines traditional boundaries between education and practical experience by bringing leading companies directly onto our campus grounds.


    The primary objective of Corporate-in-Campus is to bridge the gap between theory and practice, enriching the educational journey of our management students by immersing them in real-world corporate environments. By offering a physical space within our campus to esteemed companies, we aim to foster meaningful collaboration, innovation, and experiential learning opportunities.

Mutual Benefits (For Corporates):

Access to a pool of talented and motivated management students eager to contribute their skills and knowledge.

Proximity to academic resources and research facilities, fostering innovation and cross-pollination of ideas.

Opportunity for talent scouting and recruitment, identifying potential future leaders directly from our campus.

Mutual Benefits (For Students):

  • Exposure to real-world corporate dynamics, challenges, and opportunities within the familiar campus environment.
  • Hands-on experience working alongside professionals from diverse industries, gaining practical insights and skills.
  • Networking opportunities, mentorship, and potential internship or job placements, facilitating seamless transition into the corporate world upon graduation.


At MEASI Institute of Management, we are committed to fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and holistic development among our students. Our vibrant ecosystem supports a variety of events and initiatives aimed at cultivating future leaders and innovators.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell (IEC):

  • Our IEC is dedicated to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit among students. Through regular workshops, mentorship programs, and startup incubation support, we provide the necessary resources and guidance to transform ideas into successful ventures.

Hackathons and Competitions:

We host numerous hackathons and business plan competitions throughout the year, encouraging students to solve real-world problems through technology and creative thinking. These events not only foster a competitive spirit but also enhance problem-solving skills.

Industry-Academia Collaborations:

  • We actively collaborate with industry partners to provide our students with exposure to real-world business challenges. Through guest lectures, internships, and live projects, students gain valuable insights and hands-on experience.

Sustainability Initiatives:

Emphasizing the importance of sustainable development, we undertake various green initiatives and social responsibility projects. These initiatives help instill a sense of responsibility and ethical values in our students.

At MEASI Institute of Management, we believe in creating a supportive and dynamic environment that empowers our students to achieve their full potential and emerge as successful leaders and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship development programs

  • At MEASI Institute of Management, we are committed to fostering entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. Our comprehensive Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDPs) equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge, and network needed to transform ideas into successful ventures. Our initiatives include:

    • Workshops and Seminars: Regularly conducted sessions by industry experts and successful entrepreneurs provide insights into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the business world.
    • Mentorship Programs: Personalized guidance from seasoned mentors helps participants navigate the complexities of starting and scaling a business.
    • Business Plan Competitions: Encouraging students to pitch their business ideas, these competitions offer a platform for practical learning and potential funding opportunities.
    • Incubation Support: Access to resources such as office space, funding, and business services helps startups during their critical early stages.
    • Networking Events: Bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and industry professionals, these events foster collaboration and partnership opportunities.

    Through these initiatives, the MEASI Institute of Management aims to create a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem that nurtures innovation and drives economic growth.


MIM conducts diverse Faculty Development Programs (FDPs) to meet modern educational demands. These initiatives equip faculty with cutting-edge teaching techniques and technologies, crucial for preparing students for the corporate world. FDPs enhance teaching skills, promote continuous improvement, and uphold a culture of teaching excellence. They also aid academicians in refining professional skills and simplifying learning methods for students. Participation in these programs empowers MIM faculty to deliver top-tier education, fostering students’ academic and professional growth.

MIM’s dedication to FDPs underscores its pivotal role in fostering educational excellence and advancing its faculty’s capabilities. This commitment ensures faculty remain at the vanguard of educational innovation, benefiting both the institution and its students.


  • MIM has taken a significant step forward by offering training programs for corporate professionals. Through its Management Development Program, MIM conducts specialized and highly sought-after training for industrial personnel. The importance of MIM’s Management Development Program lies in its ability to provide personalized, continuous training tailored to the needs of individuals, thereby fostering an environment of ongoing professional growth. Thus, MIM contributes to the professional development of individuals and also supports organizations in retaining top talent and maintaining a competitive edge in the industry.

    The relevance of these programs is evident in the ever-changing business landscape, where adaptive and well-trained managers are essential. MIM’s commitment to offering such advanced training underscores its role as a leader in management education and a catalyst for industrial advancement. This unique approach positions MIM as a valuable resource for both individuals and corporations aiming to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment.

International Student Exchange Programs

MEASI Institute of Management is committed to expanding academic engagements and collaborations through student exchange programs. These programs provide opportunities for students to broaden their knowledge base, gain new perspectives, and build a robust professional network. By developing an extensive International Students Exchange Network, MIM aims to offer cross-cultural exposure and a global perspective, with ongoing efforts to enable more students to benefit from this unique opportunity.

International Faculty Exchange Programs

  • MEASI Institute of Management offers exclusive opportunities for faculty members to participate in exchange programs with foreign universities. These programs aim to broaden faculty experiences by allowing them to teach in diverse environments and collaborate with international colleagues. Faculty members can spend 4-12 weeks at a foreign institution, sharing, learning, and implementing best practices in curriculum and pedagogy. This exposure to different cultures and work ethics enhances their knowledge and skills, ultimately benefiting our students.

International Student Immersion Programs

The institute plans to organise international immersion programs in Singapore and Dubai to provide students with comprehensive exposure to global business environments and diverse cultures. These programs offer students the chance to engage in international business settings distinct from their home country, including working on live projects with companies abroad. This experience equips students to navigate and excel in the dynamic global business world.